The Moonlighters at E3


We have some very exciting news to kick things off! We will be demoing our game The Moonlighters at E3 next week as part of the IndieCade showcase, and we’re jazzed to have you come play. To get things started, we’ve released an E3 trailer. Check it out, and please come by and play at E3!

The Moonlighters
IndieCade at E3 2012

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

A Dragon That Breathes Videogames!


Hi everyone! We are Rad Dragon, and we’re now officially a game developer.

Rad Dragon is two game designers. We met as graduate students in USC’s Interactive Media Division, where we researched game design and narrative. Since then, we’ve formed an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles.

We’re already putting our games to the grindstone to craft something for you, so stay tuned.