Shove Pro Goes Free With Producer’s Cut

Hey, remember Shove Pro, the movie stuntman shove-running comedy spectacular? We just released a free version! Shove Pro: Producer’s Cut, out now on the App Store, features the same familiar gameplay rebalanced to play for free.

If you’ve got an iPad and iPhone and haven’t checked out Shove Pro, now’s your chance!  It’s free, but we’ve done our best not to make it evil.  If you like it, any ratings or reviews you can spare the time for will help us.

Get Shove Pro for iPhone and iPad!

Shove Pro Available NOW!

We’re proud to announce that Shove Pro is now available on the App Store, worldwide! If you’re here on our site, chances are you know about the game… so go get it! …Please. If you do choose of your own free will to get Shove Pro on your i-device, please consider writing a review on the App Store. It helps us more than you’d think!!

Shove Pro: Gameplay Demo

Following the release of our trailer we’ve gotten a lot of requests for more gameplay footage. SO! We’ve put together a little Let’s Play-style demo video for those of you who want to see a little bit more of the real game in real action! Take a look below, and make sure to sign up to hear about release here!

Shove Prod and Zynga

A quick note for the record:

Over the weekend, TechCrunch reported about a document that hacker group Anonymous claimed to have gotten from Zynga, detailing their plan to acquire “Shove Prod”, which most people have assumed to have been intended to say “Shove Pro”. Here are a few things we want to say about this for clarification:

  • We agree that “Shove Prod” means “Shove Pro”. There is so such thing as Shove Prod, but we call dibs on the name for a sequel!
  • No, we have not been in communication with Zynga about such a deal at this point, but it certainly has us wondering.
  • Yes, we’re open to this possibility. We’re here to make the games we want to make. That’s why we’re putting ourselves out there and self-funding Rad Dragon. A deal that could potentially provide us means to make our games with more security and clarity for the future is of course something we are willing to consider.

That’s all. Happy November!

Announcing: Shove Pro

Mike and I are uncontrollably excited and proud to announce our first iOS game – Shove Pro! Coming to iPhone & iPad in November! So soon!

We’ve been working on this in secret since E3, without rest, and have assembled an incredible team consisting of ourselves, artist Wesley Martin, and composers John Carey, Harrison Lee, and Dustin Painter.

ALSO, Shove Pro has an absurdly awesome LIVE ACTION TRAILER / Mockumentary, thanks to our friends over at Psychic Bunny – director Asa Shumskas-Tait and producer Diana Hughes, and their incredible crew.

We hope you enjoy the video, and please SIGN UP on the Shove Pro website to get an email when we release!

P.S. – Rumors circulating of a mystery sequel called Shove Prod are not confirmed, though a great idea 😉