Alphabeats Portends to Vivificate Word Games on Steam, March 7th!


For too long, PC gamers have labored under the burden of traditional word games. The hoary scrambles and searches of yore have been festooned with power-ups, narratives, and RPG elements, but remain the same timeworn activities underneath. Word games yearn for the catalyst of an enfant terrible: a new challenge of vocabulary and dexterity, elegant and deadly as an asp, pulsing with voltaic kineticism.

Alphabeats: Master Edition promises such panacea on March 7th, when it apparates onto PC, Mac, and Linux alike via Steam. It is simple to play: letters fall to the beat of music, and you catch them to make words. It’s a meditative, mesmeric way to enjoy your favorite songs. It can also be, if you desire, an unconscionably vicious challenge.

This velvety Master Edition of Alphabeats transcends its mobile roots with:

  • Custom Songs – Automatically weave any music file into a kinetic tapestry of bolide letters to engage your dexterity and intellect.
  • Twenty Included Tracks – Featuring Disasterpeace, Big Giant Circles, and more.
  • Word of the Day – Earn bonuses for spelling words of the day (hand-curated for fun and obscurity), and instantly look up any other word you spell.
  • Steam Superiority – The full suite of features one expects from a PC port, including stats and leaderboards, multiple reconfigurable control schemes, gamepad support, and usability options.

Tantalizing Hyperlinks:

Alphabeats: PC Master Edition

Alphabeats is now on Steam Greenlight!

PC word games need a remix.  Alphabeats: PC Master Edition will bring the electric lexical action to your PC/Mac/Linux, in a deluxe edition that includes every track we’ve ever released.  Reclining in the luxurious seat of your personal computer, you’ll have no need to trifle with mobile folderol such as DLC and IAP.  The finely retooled controls you expect from a fine PC title play smoothly and sumptuously on mouse, keyboard, or controller.

All this could be yours if enough people vote for it on Greenlight.  So let your friends know (along with your enemies, so you can defeat them at Alphabeats).  And let us know in the comments if there’s anything else you want to see in the PC Master Edition.  We’re listening.

Check out the demo to see how it plays on computer!

To celebrate, we’re also releasing an update to the original Alphabeats, version 1.11.  It features:

  • Free songs!  Every week, two new songs in our Music Shop will be free to download and play forever.
  • “Raddest Word” leaderboard lets you compare the biggest words ever made in the world!
  • More forgiving controls!
  • Exciting UI and usability fixes!

Check it out!  If you haven’t played Alphabeats in a while, now’s the perfect time to dive back in.  And don’t forget to vote on Greenlight to win the most vast and profound gratitude we’ve ever offered!