Quicksilver: Infinite Story

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Quicksilver: Infinite Story is an action game inspired by Saturday morning cartoon adventures. Every time you play, a new episode is written just for you by a magical screenwriter dragon. The game makes up stories on the fly, and you determine how they unfold by playing through exciting action scenes and helping the heroes make important decisions. There’s never any game overs or retrying – the story simply adapts to even the most unexpected successes and failures, dynamically crafting plotlines and dialogue around them. Quicksilver isn’t about winning or losing – it’s about the magic of a neverending adventure where you never know what will happen next, but you’re ultimately in control of your destiny.

Where Is It Now?

Mike wrote his USC masters thesis on Quicksilver and its narrative generation system.
Published academic paper on Quicksilver

We’ve finished a proof-of-concept prototype of Quicksilver featuring fully working narrative generation and gameplay, and have been entering it into festivals and showing it in various public venues. We’re seeking funding to finish the full game and release it!