The Word Game With Rhythm

Alphabeats is a mobile mashup of a word game with a music game. It makes spelling into a fast-paced action challenge, set to pulse-pounding tracks from exciting electronic artists. Catch the falling letters to make words, challenge yourself and your friends to score the most points, and you’ll find that you can’t stop playing – and that spelling is even cooler than you thought.

It’s easy to start!

1.  Pick a song from our selection of indie and electronic artists.  (Announcements coming soon!)  Letters will start falling to the beat of the song.

2.  Move your paddle back and forth to catch letters.  Each word you spell gains you points.







3.  Score as many points as you can by the end of the song.  It can be risky to shoot for longer words…

…but you get massive points if you can pull it off!







Alphabeats is currently on track for release in early 2014!  More information coming soon.