Shove Prod and Zynga

A quick note for the record:

Over the weekend, TechCrunch reported about a document that hacker group Anonymous claimed to have gotten from Zynga, detailing their plan to acquire “Shove Prod”, which most people have assumed to have been intended to say “Shove Pro”. Here are a few things we want to say about this for clarification:

  • We agree that “Shove Prod” means “Shove Pro”. There is so such thing as Shove Prod, but we call dibs on the name for a sequel!
  • No, we have not been in communication with Zynga about such a deal at this point, but it certainly has us wondering.
  • Yes, we’re open to this possibility. We’re here to make the games we want to make. That’s why we’re putting ourselves out there and self-funding Rad Dragon. A deal that could potentially provide us means to make our games with more security and clarity for the future is of course something we are willing to consider.

That’s all. Happy November!

Announcing: Shove Pro

Mike and I are uncontrollably excited and proud to announce our first iOS game – Shove Pro! Coming to iPhone & iPad in November! So soon!

We’ve been working on this in secret since E3, without rest, and have assembled an incredible team consisting of ourselves, artist Wesley Martin, and composers John Carey, Harrison Lee, and Dustin Painter.

ALSO, Shove Pro has an absurdly awesome LIVE ACTION TRAILER / Mockumentary, thanks to our friends over at Psychic Bunny – director Asa Shumskas-Tait and producer Diana Hughes, and their incredible crew.

We hope you enjoy the video, and please SIGN UP on the Shove Pro website to get an email when we release!

P.S. – Rumors circulating of a mystery sequel called Shove Prod are not confirmed, though a great idea 😉

Coming Up for Air

Hey friends! Wow, things have been really busy and exciting in the halls of Rad Dragon. We’ve had our heads down working hard, so we wanted to take a moment on this warm Saturday afternoon to share with you what’s been happening at our studio since E3.

Mike & Teddy at E3 1

Mike & Teddy were pleased with E3

Mike & Teddy at E3 2

They look bravely to the future

BACK  in June, we took The Moonlighters to E3 and got to watch scores of gamers try it! This was thanks to the incredible generosity of IndieCade, who brought us there. On top of some great playtests from you, we got some great business cards, and began talking with all shapes and sizes of publisher about where/how we could finish and release our game! You see, we’re funding games here out of our own pockets, so the ambitious nature of The Moonlighters is tricky to take from an E3 “pilot episode” to a commercial release. We need a plan, maybe a partner, and hopefully some funding. Those discussions take time to get right, and while they’re happening they tend to freeze production because too many major pieces of the plan (platform, scope, etc) are up in the air.

BUT  what we love most is creating games – game design, programming, writing, etc. We founded Rad Dragon to make the games we want to make, and we insist on doing that every day. So, while the current fate of The Moonlighters was awaiting a business deal to be sealed, we started making another game – a smaller one that we could start and finish in just a few months within the time it takes to finalize a big business deal. We wanted this game to represent the style and quality of game we want fans to expect from our studio!

SO  since July 16th we’ve been making something new for you! Something we’ve been wanting to make for a while. We can’t talk about it just yet, but we can say that we’re announcing it in early October and releasing very soon after! Mike and I are collaborating with incredibly talented artist Wes Martin, who joins us from the Emerald City, and a mad trio of L.A. uber-composers John Carey, Harrison Lee, and Dustin Painter. We’re hyper-excited to finish the game, and even more excited to hear what you think!

Thanks for reading this little update! It’s important to us as a small indie team to open up our studio to you as much as we can, and give you some notion of what we’re up to. We hope you stay tuned and check out our new game, coming so soon!

Newsflash: The Moonlighters!

Wow, we’ve gotten such a great response from our first big showing at E3 last week! Here is some of the coverage from our fantastic journalist friends! We’re so so grateful to everyone who came out at E3 to play, and to all those in the press who felt our game was worth talking about!
UPDATE: Even more coverage added!
View Press Kit here 

Moonlighters Press Kit

We’re taking a break from trying to spread the word about The Moonlighters at E3 social gatherings to try to spread the word about The Moonlighters via the internet. Thus, thanks to the guys at Vlambeer and their amazing tool presskit(), we have constructed our very first Press Kit for the game!

Our friends in the press can access the press kit at Honestly, anyone can access it, because we need all the press we can get!

So far, showing The Moonlighters at E3 with IndieCade has been amazing. One more day to go!

The Moonlighters at E3


We have some very exciting news to kick things off! We will be demoing our game The Moonlighters at E3 next week as part of the IndieCade showcase, and we’re jazzed to have you come play. To get things started, we’ve released an E3 trailer. Check it out, and please come by and play at E3!

The Moonlighters
IndieCade at E3 2012

[vimeo w=640&h=360]

A Dragon That Breathes Videogames!


Hi everyone! We are Rad Dragon, and we’re now officially a game developer.

Rad Dragon is two game designers. We met as graduate students in USC’s Interactive Media Division, where we researched game design and narrative. Since then, we’ve formed an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles.

We’re already putting our games to the grindstone to craft something for you, so stay tuned.