We think that it’s great to make games that innovate new ways of storytelling and redefine what the medium can do. We also think it’s great to make games that are punchy, hilarious, and fun. We think those two goals can go hand in hand, and we’ve set out to prove it by becoming a two-headed dragon that breathes videogames. One head can discuss formal design theory, and the other wears sunglasses. One head reads stories, and the other pushes all the buttons. Together, they have like a million hit points and make games with a chance of dealing critical happiness.

We’re working hard to pull this dragon through the floofy fabric of dreams into reality. These games are all passion projects, things we would work on for fun, things we’re scared no one else would make. We’re putting our all into making these games happen, and it’s our sincerest hope that you’ll want to play them.

Who Is Rad Dragon?

Rad Dragon was founded by two game designers. We met as graduate students in USC’s Interactive Media Division, where we researched game design and narrative. Since then, we’ve formed an independent game development studio based in Los Angeles. We are:

Teddy Diefenbach

Teddy Diefenbach

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Favorite Games:
Super Mario RPG, Uncharted 2: Among Thieves, Bomberman 64, Final Fantasy Tactics, Earthbound

Teddy has been designing games professionally for six years, with teams at Microsoft Studios, Disney Online Studios, and Gameloft, specializing in narrative and systems design. He has designed for established brands like Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars and on new tech like Microsoft’s Kinect when it first launched. His game Din was featured in IndieGames’ book “250 Indie Games You Must Play“. He studied game design and film production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he earned an MFA in Interactive Media as a Microsoft Scholar, and holds a BA in Music & Computer Science from Columbia University. On a more relevant note, he is a former personal trainer, classically trained vocalist, and 5th grade science fair champion. Teddy grew up in the misty swamplands of Washington, DC, home of presidents. There, he conducted years of research on Japanese role-playing games, which consisted mostly of playing them and having snacks.

Mike Sennott!

Mike Sennott

Favorite Games:
Final Fantasy VI, Shadow of the Colossus, Soul Blade, XCOM: UFO Defense, MVP Baseball 2005

Growing up in the idyllic frozen forests of New Hampshire, Mike often dreamt of playing games that did not yet exist.  Troubled, he set off in search of the skills to make those, and later, much better games.  He graduated summa cum laude from Hamilton College with a BA in Computer Science and Creative Writing, winning awards for his fiction and poetry, then acquired an MFA in Interactive Media from the University of Southern California.  Over the course of his journey, Mike has worked professionally in games as a designer, engineer, and quality assurance lead.  He has presented work on dynamic game narrative at TEDx, the USC Annenberg Symposium, and the Cooney Center Leadership Forum.  Mike has also worked on numerous game projects with the Universal Happymaker collective, written some stories, and occasionally fronted a short-lived rock band.


For each project, we work with different collaborators. Here are some of the talented folks  who have made games together with us.

alpha_icon_tinyalpha_icon_tiny   Irene Koh

alpha_icon_tinyalpha_icon_tiny   Dustin Painter

Samantha VickSamantha Vick   Samantha Vick
Kyla GormanKyla Gorman   Kyla Gorman

John CareyJohn Carey   John Carey

shove_icon_tiny   Wesley Martin

Mari Arakaki   Mari Arakaki
Alexa Rockman   Alexa Rockman
Kenny Wood   Kenny Wood

Emmett Lee Stang   Emmett Lee Stang
Kahle McCann   Kahle McCann

Sara Engelhardt   Sara Engelhardt

Roxanne Goodcell   Roxanne Goodcell
Bridget Underwood   Bridget Underwood
Katie Gately   Katie Gately
Sergio Vellatti   Sergio Vellatti

Bryce Walters   Bryce Walters
Zoey Ikemoto   Zoey Ikemoto
Stephanie Tucker   Stephanie Tucker
Annick Huber   Annick Huber