Moonlighters at PAX Indie MEGABOOTH

We’re out-of-our-minds excited to announce that we’ll be showing The Moonlighters at PAX Prime, with the amazing collection of indie games known as the Indie MEGABOOTH!


Over 80+ games have joined together at PAX to create this year’s LARGEST booth. It’s really incredible to think, but our combined PAX presence is bigger than EA, bigger than Ubisoft. In addition to our heisty romp, you’ll get to play a mind-boggling range of indie games.

Come on over to Seattle and play at the end of this month! We’ll be demoing Friday and Saturday (8/30-31).

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Teddy has been designing games professionally for six years, with teams at Microsoft Studios, Disney Online Studios, and Gameloft, specializing in narrative and systems design. He has designed for established brands like Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars and on new tech like Microsoft’s Kinect when it first launched. His game Din was featured in IndieGames’ book “250 Indie Games You Must Play“. He studied game design and film production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he earned an MFA in Interactive Media as a Microsoft Scholar, and holds a BA in Music & Computer Science from Columbia University. On a more relevant note, he is a former personal trainer, classically trained vocalist, and 5th grade science fair champion. Teddy grew up in the misty swamplands of Washington, DC, home of presidents. There, he conducted years of research on Japanese role-playing games, which consisted mostly of playing them and having snacks.