Safari Rescue

In the midst of prepping next month’s big Moonlighters news, we took a little break to make a little game that you can play now – SAFARI RESCUE – free on the App Store!

Has a game ever made you cry, or scream in joy, or feel the warmth of a kindly god? Which would you describe as more emotional, your last mobile game or the birth of your first child? At game studio Rad Dragon, we ask these questions each day, and find games coming up short time and time again. Will the interactive medium ever match the emotional intensity of film, fine art, and sculpture?

Just as our artistic soul-searching reached the peak of desperation, we found the answer where it must always lie: in the heart of a child. Would you believe us if we told you SAFARI RESCUE, a game ostensibly made by a mere babe, is the very evolution — nay, transcendence — of games into something… greater?

SAFARI RESCUE will make you weep tears of gold. It will rip out your heart and launch it into the sky, where it will join your spirit in eternal frolics. It will see your every moment suspended as thick drops of savory honey, electrify you with the thrill of life itself, and shrink all the world’s oceans to a melody in your step.

None of those are metaphors.

SAFARI RESCUE simply must be experienced to be understood. We are doing everything in our power as a small indie game studio to bring this masterpiece to the deserving masses. As such, it is free. Free to download; free to take its place in the empyrean echelon of cultural champions.

SAFARI RESCUE is out now on the App Store for free. Please visit for more information and also nature facts.

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Teddy has been designing games professionally for six years, with teams at Microsoft Studios, Disney Online Studios, and Gameloft, specializing in narrative and systems design. He has designed for established brands like Disney’s Pirates of the Caribbean and Cars and on new tech like Microsoft’s Kinect when it first launched. His game Din was featured in IndieGames’ book “250 Indie Games You Must Play“. He studied game design and film production at the USC School of Cinematic Arts, where he earned an MFA in Interactive Media as a Microsoft Scholar, and holds a BA in Music & Computer Science from Columbia University. On a more relevant note, he is a former personal trainer, classically trained vocalist, and 5th grade science fair champion. Teddy grew up in the misty swamplands of Washington, DC, home of presidents. There, he conducted years of research on Japanese role-playing games, which consisted mostly of playing them and having snacks.

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